In light of a  prophetic word that Cindy Jacobs recently brought from God, the word is not a new word but it is a reminder of what The Lord has said through many of our own prophetic and intercessory people. But the reality is that we need to respond to what The Lord has said to us as a nation.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to take part in an event regarding this called ‘The Great Big Awakening’ on Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 8pm,  we are asking you to go to a place where you live with a group big or small and lock shields across the nation asking The Lord for a prophetic demonstration to symbolise the awakening of our nation spiritually.

Liberty Church in Dublin is going to be at the city gates on High St near (Thomas St) 8pm and our prophetic act is setting off alarm clocks to declare the great big awakening in Dublin.

This is an opportunity for us the Church to respond to a word from The Lord, so, please get back to me if you are taking part on this date at this time and let us know what The Lord has put on your heart as a prophetic act to call the nation to wake up.

Another prophetic act that someone else suggested which I think is brilliant, is that no matter where you are at, in your town, village, city, back garden, front garden, balcony wherever, gather with friends, family, sons and daughters, release a Chinese lantern at 8pm on Friday 30th, declaring that The Lord going to set Ireland on Fire with the Gospel, declare that light will shine in the darkness and that Ireland will be a light to the nations.

Check this out on my face book events page, read the prophesy, comment on it, write what you are going to do (prophetic act), write where you are situated in the country, so that others can see and hear what your doing and be inspired by you.

Every Blessing to you in 2015, we are believing for a ‘Turnaround Year’

Noel Kenny (Senior Pastor, Liberty Church)


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