At each of our Weekend Services our worship band lead us in singing songs that will help you focus your attention on God. These times of worship can be impassioned and energetic and at times quiet and reflective. What remains constant is the determination to bring people into a meaningful encounter with God.


At Liberty we place a high value on The Bible. We believe it’s the eternal Word of God and has a lot say to us today for every aspect of our lives. In Liberty we are blessed with a team of communicators dedicated to delivering Biblical talks that are relevant, inspirational and life changing.


Our weekly Kid’s town programs are fun and interactive, relevant to children from all types of backgrounds, and seek to creatively communicate Christian principles to the kids who come along to any of our locations. Your kids will love it and will learn that God loves them!


Liberty Youth meet on Friday Nights in Bray and Saturday Nights in our Dublin 8 location in safe and fun environments where young people can come, hang out and be themselves.

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