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Pastor Noel Kenny continues the Illuminate series with a message on the Church. In particular Noel considers what it means for the church to be the family of God.  The sermon is preceded by a short message brought by Liberty Church member Steven Geraghty.
Recorded live at Liberty Church on 11th March 2012.

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  • Eileen Lambe

    this was my 1st ever time to go to liberty i was not even suppose to be there don’t know how i even ended up been there but im so happy i was, i know now it was my calling and this sermon was what saved me, my miracle from my holy father, i didn’t hear noel on part of this sermon it was totally my msg from the lord i was a orphan before i went to liberty now im a new person i am someone who is loved, now i have a father praise the lord i love jesus with every inch of my being thank you lord Amen

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