2020 Bible Project


Children of God

Based on the Sonship material by Jack and Rose Marie Miller, this series of talks examines some of the amazing aspects of the gospel, truth by truth with the aim of exposing us to the scope of [...]

Faith at Work

We live in a world where we tend to compartmentalise our lives. We often strive to keep our family life separate from our work life or our spiritual life separate from our social life. The result [...]


In John 17 Jesus prays an audacious prayer for his followers. He prays that they would be “ONE”. God’s design for his church is that they would be unified and that their oneness [...]

How to Pray

One time Jesus’s disciples came to him and said “Lord, teach us how to Pray”.  What Jesus proceeded to say, the “Lord’s prayer” or “Our Father” [...]

Advent Conspiracy

Advent conspiracy is a four week Journey exploring how to live as Christians in a way that makes a difference in the run up to Christmas. Find out more here


In this series we work through Paul’s letter to the Philippians discovering how we can experience God’s joy in all sorts of situations.

Counterfeit Gods

This series is based on the lessons outlined in Tim Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods. In it we examine how things like money, power and approval can become our source of significance, [...]

The Four Cups

This series looks at 4 Promises God made in Exodus 6 and how they find their ultimate fulfilment in Jesus .

The Fire Conference – Sound of Heaven

Ray Hughes, founder of Selah Ministries, has been in full time ministry for 40 years. He received his Doctorate of Divinity in 1996. He travels in the U.S. and internationally as a speaker, [...]


There are so many different breakthrough moments in the scriptures that are encouraging and relevant to our lives today. In this series we examine some of these moments and seek to discern [...]

God of the Elements

In scripture we see numerous occasion where God used the elements of nature for his purposes. We explore and unpack the lessons we can learn and apply to our lives from some of these passages in [...]


This series, recorded over the Christmas season in 2013 explores different aspects of the most significant event in human history – The birth of Jesus.

Radical Discipleship

Jesus calls each and every one of us to discipleship. In this series of messages we take a look at what a life dedicated to answering that call could and should look like. Radical Discipleship is [...]

Doing Things God’s Way

The premise of this series of talks is that that doing things God’s way will produce God’s results. This series explores what it means in a range of areas of our lives.

Mental Health

This series of sermons looks at the often neglected topic of Mental Health from a biblical perspective.

Acts 29

The book of Acts tells the story of the birth of the Church and its expansion in the years following Christ’s death and resurrection. It has 28 chapters. In this series we look at how the [...]


The Brave series works through the stories of different people in the Bible who showed great bravery, and encourages us to be brave in our everyday lives as Christians.

Keys to Liberty

This series is based loosely on the Freedom in Christ book. It will cover topics like Who I really am and How to be truly Alive.


This series is based on the Alpha Course and covers topics like: “Who is Jesus?”, “How can we have faith?”, “Does God heal today?”, “What does the Holy Spirit do?” and many more. If you’re [...]

The Great Invasion

This series of sermons, delivered in the run up to Christmas looks at what happens when Heaven invades earth. We hope you are blessed as you listen to these messages.

I Am Jonah

In this series of sermons delivered in October and November 2011 we delve into the fascinating Old Testament book of Jonah, examining what lessons we can learn from the life of this man and his [...]

Season of Increase

Every season is full of potential and fruit, I believe that a season of increase is upon both as individuals and corporately. The kingdom of God is forever increasing: Daniel saw it as a mountain [...]

The King’s Speech

Nowhere does Jesus talk more clearly about what it looks like to follow him than in the Sermon on the Mount. Found in Matthew 5-7, it’s a provocative and counter-intuitive announcement about what [...]

What Does God Look Like

What does God look like? How can we recognize Him? In this 9-part sermon series from February-April 2011 we try to answer these questions. Check out the podcasts.

The Blood

In this three-part sermon series recorded live at Liberty in December 2010 Noel Kenny examines the significance of what Jesus accomplished through his death on the cross, paying particular [...]

Expression 10

In this sermon series, recorded live at Liberty in October 2010 we take a look at how we should live as in the light of the understanding that we are citizens and ambassadors of the Kingdom of [...]

Your City Your Call

Liberty is a church with the ambition to make a difference in our city of Dublin. In these two sermons from September 2010 Noel Kenny, the senior leader at Liberty, encourages and inspires us to [...]

The Road to Glory

This is a seven-part series from Summer 2010, the time of the World Cup in South Africa. It looks at a diverse range of topics including: The glory of God, The role of Women / Men in serving God, [...]

SAS Summer School

As the Summer block of the Saints and Scholars Project in 2010 we ran three nights of teaching and discussion. The themes of the three nights were Grace, Life and Identity, three core subjects [...]

The Power of God

Recorded live at Liberty in May and June 2010, This four-part sermon series looks to develop our understanding of the power of God. We hope that as you listen to the podcasts below you gain a [...]

The Real F Word

Forgiveness can be a difficult subject for many of us. We can find it hard to forgive others for things they have done to us. When it comes to our own past mistakes and failures we can find it [...]

The Exploits of Joshua Nunson

Joshua the son of Nun is one of the most significant characters in the Old Testament. As Moses’ successor he lead the people of God into the land that he had promised them, facing many [...]

Graves and Stones

We are all affected by past mistakes and hurts. This three part sermon series from October and November 2009 looks at how God can help us to move beyond these issues into a future marked by [...]


In these three sermons recorded live at Liberty in September 2009 Noel Kenny shows how God has a vision for our lives that he wants to help us to achieve. We hope that as you listen to these [...]

Liberty Film Festival

This seven-part series from the Summer of 2009 builds sermons around popular movie titles. The content of these sermons is more than entertainment though, dealing with topics such as: injustice, [...]

SAS The Fundamentals

Over a number of nights in 2009 lecturers from Carraig Eden Theological College came to Liberty and taught five basic lessons in Theology. We remain very grateful to these guest speakers. The [...]

Running on Empty

Do you ever feel worn out like you are running on empty? The good news is that you don’t have to! God wants us to live lives that are full of energy, joy and excitement. He enables us to live up [...]

I Am Liberty

What makes Liberty Different from any other Church? In this four-part series from February 2009 we look at some of the characteristics of our church as it is now and as we hope it will be into [...]


Encounter was a two day teaching event in December 2008 based around encountering God. Covering topics such as: surrendering to the will of God, The effects of sin, the victory of the cross, and [...]

Prison Break

This five-part series from November 2008 is all about the freedom that is possible with God. This series shows how God is willing and able to set us free from issues as serious as depression, [...]

The House That God Built

This five-part sermon series recorded live at Liberty throughout August and September 2008 Attempts to paint a picture of the type of place the church should be according to the Bible. We hope [...]

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