Living Love – Liberty Conversations – Episode 007

Welcome back to Liberty Conversations! In this episode, we’re getting to the heart of one of Jesus’ biggest teachings: “love your neighbour as yourself.” But what does [...]

Grace and Giving – Rob Duff

Rob Duff delivers a message from Corinthians on the Grace of God in giving. Recorded live at Liberty Church on 12th May 2024


Unsung Heroes: Jill Kinsey’s Life in Mission – Liberty Conversations – Episode 006

Can one person make a difference? Jill Kinsey was an ordinary woman following an extraordinary God, whose work as a missionary in Mozambique and Lesotho truly pushed the limits of what it [...]


Love is the Law: Making Sense of God’s Greatest Commandment – Liberty Conversations – Ep 005

This episode is a deep dive into what seems like a head-scratcher at first glance: God’s command to love Him with everything we’ve got. It seems strange to command love, right? But [...]


Bible Breakdown Pt 2: Practical and Powerful Ways to Experience the Bible, Alone or in Community.

Bible Reading: Where to begin? We all recognize the incredible value of regular Bible reading—it draws us closer to God and provides guidance for our lives. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles is [...]


What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Liberty Conversations – Ep004

Maybe what answers life’s biggest questions and satisfies our deepest needs is actually something surprisingly simple, something that comes to us as a gift…  In this episode of [...]

Sabbath Rest – Rob Duff

Rob Duff delivers a message on resting from our work, and being dependent on God Recorded live in Liberty Church on 14 April 2024


One Day at a Time: Love in Action in Lesotho – Liberty Conversations – Ep003

In this episode of Liberty Conversations, we join Chris and Sheila Dillon, and Ntate Brown in Lesotho, Southern Africa where they lead a project called One Day, creating loving, safe, family [...]


Am I Making the Right Choice? – Steps for Confident, God-aligned Decisions

From Guesswork to God’s Work: Decision-Making Done Right Decisions, decisions. We face them all the time, don’t we? Our usual way of tackling them often boils down to endless pros and [...]


Back to basics? – Liberty Conversations – Ep002

Have you ever wondered how a community of faith navigates the challenges of staying true to its original calling while adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of society and spirituality? Today, [...]


Bible Breakdown: A Simple Guide to Help You Choose the Right Bible Translation for You

Looking for a New Bible but struggling to choose from the huge range of translations and versions? Maybe you’ve had a look on Amazon or in a Christian Bookshop but are still none the wiser. [...]


What’s The Story? – Liberty Conversations – Ep001

In this opening episode of Liberty Conversations, Rob Duff and Noel Kenny from Liberty Church dig into the beginnings and ongoing story of their faith community, Liberty Church. They delve into [...]