What’s The Story? – Liberty Conversations – Ep001

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In this opening episode of Liberty Conversations, Rob Duff and Noel Kenny from Liberty Church dig into the beginnings and ongoing story of their faith community, Liberty Church. They delve into personal faith journeys, the impact of the church on their lives, and discuss the importance of sharing faith stories within and beyond their community. The episode emphasizes prayer, community outreach, and the transformative power of faith and hope in both individual lives and wider community engagement. Key moments include a reflection on the power of an invitation to faith, memorable experiences of prayer and outreach, and the significant role of the Bible in spreading hope. Through anecdotes and reflections, the episode outlines the foundational beliefs, events, and actions that have shaped Liberty Church and its mission.

00:00 Welcome to Liberty Conversations: The Journey Begins

00:51 Reflecting on Faith, Life, and Liberty Church

01:42 A Week of Illness, Baptism, and Spiritual Reflection

07:08 The Transformative Power of Faith: Noel’s Story

18:27 From Despair to Hope: The Early Days of Liberty Church

28:10 The Unintentional Pastor: A Journey Begins

28:53 Finding Boldness and Purpose in Community Outreach

31:19 Transitioning from Quiet Member to Preacher

33:04 Choosing the Path Less Traveled: The Birth of a Church

34:12 The Power of Discipleship and Community Impact

40:15 Expanding the Mission: Home Churches and Beyond

47:48 Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead

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