Back to basics? – Liberty Conversations – Ep002

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Have you ever wondered how a community of faith navigates the challenges of staying true to its original calling while adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of society and spirituality? Today, we continue the story of Liberty Church, mapping the journey from its early days in Rialto to its current state of transformation. Join us as we discuss the power of personal stories, the impact of community, and the pursuit of practicing the ways of Jesus in everyday life. How does a church maintain its foundational heart while multiplying its mission into other communities? Let’s find out together in this episode.

00:00 Starting Over: The Journey of Liberty Church

02:00 Reflecting on Pastoral Work and Community Impact

17:18 Evolving Church Dynamics: From Attraction to Mission

26:29 Rethinking Church Structure and Leadership

30:47 The Transformative Power of Small Gatherings

44:52 A New/Old Vision for the Church

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