Unsung Heroes: Jill Kinsey’s Life in Mission – Liberty Conversations – Episode 006

Can one person make a difference? Jill Kinsey was an ordinary woman following an extraordinary God, whose work as a missionary in Mozambique and Lesotho truly pushed the limits of what it [...]


Love is the Law: Making Sense of God’s Greatest Commandment – Liberty Conversations – Ep 005

This episode is a deep dive into what seems like a head-scratcher at first glance: God’s command to love Him with everything we’ve got. It seems strange to command love, right? But [...]


What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Liberty Conversations – Ep004

Maybe what answers life’s biggest questions and satisfies our deepest needs is actually something surprisingly simple, something that comes to us as a gift…  In this episode of [...]


Experiencing God – Keith Telford

Guest speaker Keith Telford delivers a message on experiencing God Recorded live at Liberty Church Bray on 15th June 2014


It must be Love – Acts 29 – Noel Kenny

Pastor Noel Kenny begins the series named Acts 29 with a message on how God pours his love out to us through the Holy Spirit. Recorded live at Liberty Church on 23 September 2012


Season of Increase – Part 4

Pastor Noel Kenny continues the "Season of Increase" series with a message on releasing the increase. Recorded Live at Liberty on 14 August 2011


What Does God Look Like – Part 6

Liberty Church member Eddie Gregory preaches on God as the Good Shepherd. Recorded Live at Liberty on 20 March 2011


The God of War

Pastor Noel Kenny preaches on God, who fights for us. Recorded Live at Liberty on 11 October 09