Unsung Heroes: Jill Kinsey’s Life in Mission – Liberty Conversations – Episode 006

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Can one person make a difference?

Jill Kinsey was an ordinary woman following an extraordinary God, whose work as a missionary in Mozambique and Lesotho truly pushed the limits of what it means to have faith, to serve others, and to live a life dedicated to Jesus.

In this episode of Liberty Conversations, we go back to an interview we did with Jill in her house at Pulane Children’s centre in Lesotho back in 2017. 

Jill has since gone to be with the Lord and we are delighted to have these recordings where we got to capture some of who this remarkable woman was. 

Jill’s reflections on moments of doubt, her tenacious grip on hope, and her steady belief in the One who directs her path offer not just insights into the life of a missionary but also into the potential that exists in every follower of Jesus to  bring light into the darkest corners.

Don’t miss this  special episode and let your heart be stirred by the extraordinary testament to the power one person can possess when willing to step out in faith and love.


00:00 Introduction to Liberty Conversations Episode Six

11:50 Jill’s Journey to Becoming a Missionary

18:06 Jill’s Early Christian Life and Call to Missions

28:37 Serving in Mozambique: Challenges and Triumphs

38:07 A Close Call and Reflections on Service

39:09 Moments of Doubt and Divine Interventions

41:00 The Journey of Support and Community Impact

44:59 Challenges and Triumphs in Child Welfare

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