Love is the Law: Making Sense of God’s Greatest Commandment – Liberty Conversations – Ep 005

 In Liberty Conversations

This episode is a deep dive into what seems like a head-scratcher at first glance: God’s command to love Him with everything we’ve got. It seems strange to command love, right? But what if the rule isn’t for God’s sake but ours?

Through stories, scripture and conversation Noel & Rob try to peel back the layers on this love command. It’s not about God strong-arming us into feeling warm and fuzzy towards Him; it’s about unlocking a rich life with the love of God at its center. 

To get to the heart of it all, check out the episode.


00:00 Welcome to Liberty Conversations: Episode 5
00:39 Preparation and Anticipation for Africa
02:32 Exploring the Greatest Commandment
04:17 The Nature of Commanded Love
06:23 Reflecting God’s Love in Relationships
09:27 Understanding Love Beyond Human Terms
21:10 The Risk and Reward of Loving God
29:15 Exploring the Unfathomable: Dancing on the Moon
29:47 The Power of God’s Love and Its Reflection
30:48 The Essence of True Love: Beyond Religious Guilt
31:44 Deuteronomy’s Wisdom: Living by God’s Commandments
33:40 Personal Testimonies: Experiencing God’s Love
35:01 The Battle for Our Hearts: Choosing God’s Love
45:17 Practical Faith: Living in God’s Presence Daily
51:35 The Ancient Path: Prayer, Worship, and the Word
55:35 A Call to Intimacy with God

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