What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Liberty Conversations – Ep004

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Maybe what answers life’s biggest questions and satisfies our deepest needs is actually something surprisingly simple, something that comes to us as a gift… 

In this episode of the Liberty Conversations podcast, Rob Duff and Noel Kenny talk about the love of God: how it shapes and changes lives and even the world.

Tune in for an interesting chat on how the concept of love is woven into faith and service. If you’re curious about the intersection of daily life and spiritual growth, this conversation might just be what you’re looking for.


00:00 Welcome Back to Liberty Conversations: Reflections and Updates

00:34 Deep Dive into Community Outreach and Personal Stories

10:14 Exploring the Essence of Love in Christianity

37:45 Exploring the Essence of Love and Its Divine Origin

39:24 The Universal Search for Love and Its Deeper Meaning

41:44 Embracing Grace and the Transformative Power of Love

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  • Sean Donohoe

    There is nothing greater than a man or woman having the love of God in our hearts❤️ love the podcast

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